Let PlusPrivacy manage your social network privacy

Properly configuring your social network privacy settings is a major hassle for most of the users. In this article we highlight a major PlusPrivacy feature – single click management your social network privacy settings.

PlusPrivacy is an open source service for managing personal privacy online. The service is funded by the European Union and is intended for public good. PlusPrivacy is fully operational, with some new features under development. The currently available tier of services is free and will always remain free.

Why do I need privacy preferences management?

Try to find all the pages in your Google, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts where you are supposed to configure your privacy preferences. In each of these, privacy preferences are scattered over up to 6 (!) pages. If you do find them all, you will see that some of them default to giving the social network permission to track, profile and bomb you with ads (your privacy is a product, and the social networks try to take the biggest possible chunk of it).

After some effort you think you have figured them all out, and change the settings manually to their most privacy-friendly values. Now try to do it all four of the above services. Unless you are a real privacy freak, the chances of you completing the process successfully and correctly (or completing it at all) are very low.

PlusPrivacy’s “Single click social network privacy”

Luckily, PlusPrivacy can save you from this trouble. It will set your privacy preferences to their most privacy-friendly values automatically, in a single click. Just go to your PlusPrivacy dashboard, click the “Single click privacy” button and watch PlusPrivacy do it for you!

You do not need to dig into the privacy settings pages of each of your social network accounts. PlusPrivacy dashboard is all you need.

But don’t social networks introduce new privacy settings from time to time?

Of course they do, and always in a most sneaky fashion. They add new privacy settings or change default values of the existing ones, and you are none the wiser. Not any more. PlusPrivacy team is watching them. You do not need to know. Every time you click “Single click privacy”, PlusPrivacy will configure all your settings, old and new, to their most privacy-friendly values.

And what if I want to configure some of the settings myself?

That’s easy. PlusPrivacy allows you to do it from its dashboard. First, you click “Single click privacy”. Then, you go to individual settings, modify them according to your preferences and click “Update”. That’s all.

How does it work?

You need to be logged into the relevant social network accounts in your browser. PlusPrivacy Chrome extension or FireFox add-n will access the privacy settings of the accounts on your behalf and do the changes.

How much data does PlusPrivacy collect and store about you for this action?

None. This is why it needs you to be logged into the relevant social network accounts to perform this function.


PlusPrivacy provides many other personal privacy functions. We will highlight them in upcoming articles.