PlusPrivacy goes anonymous!

PlusPrivacy goes anonymous!

PlusPrivacy can now be used completely anonymously, without login and without registration. Just install the Chrome/Firefox extension/mobile app and start using it. All the functions will work with the exception of email identity management which naturally requires logging in with your real email address.

If you use PlusPrivacy anonymously, without logging in, there will be no communication whatsoever between the PlusPrivacy app/browser extension and PlusPrivacy servers. We will not know that you have downloaded the extension/app, or that you installed it, or that you are using it. All your data (such as your social network privacy preferences) will only be stored locally on your device. No data about you, your device or your actions will be transmitted to PlusPrivacy. None. Nada. Rien.

If you decide to use email identity management you can sign up/log in with your email address, which will then be used by PlusPrivacy servers for the sole purpose of  re-mailing your email to hide your identity, as described in our privacy policy.

Log in will also be required to use the consent-for-benefit deals when they become available. This, too, will be entirely user’s choice.

Finally, if you have previously signed up with your email and now want to continue using PlusPrivacy anonymously, simply delete your PlusPrivacy account (you can do it from within the Chrome/Forefox extension). When you delete your account, your data is wiped and PlusPrivacy servers forget that this account ever existed.

You can download the PlusPrivacy extension from Google Chrome Store or from FireFox Add-ons.

PlusPrivacy team